Using herbs in desserts
Using herbs in desserts

What herbs can you use

There is a large variety of different herbs you can use to get that extra touch that gets everyone's attention. You  can add a subtle herb like mint or basil or take it up a level and go with a stronger more noticeable herb like rosemary or citrus trees. Herbs add a great new flavour to your desserts. Herbs can open a whole new world of desserts and flavours that you haven’t experienced before. With our hydroponic system you can get the best tasting and the freshest herbs that you can use however you want.

How to pair herbs with desserts

Herbs have great qualities to add to your dessert like the beautiful color of the herb or the texture it gives to the dish. Different herbs compliment different desserts. Here are a few herbs: Dianthus has a pleasant spicy flavour that compliments ice creams and sorbets well; it is also good for desserts, sauces and fruit salads. Another good one is thyme. It has a spicy mint flavour that can bring up a flavour like the sweetness of fruits or stop the dessert from being too strong like chocolate mousse. If you want to add a new type of herb, rose might be the choice. It’s flavour depends on what colour it is; lighter colours offer sweetness to the dish while darker colours offer a more bitter taste. Rose is a versatile herb which you can use with fruits and jams. You can also add a nice flavour to your drinks with this amazing herb.

How to pair herbs with flavours

When you choose your herbs that you want to use for your dessert you have to know what herb compliments different flavours. A widely used herb is mint. It compliments chocolate very well and is great with ice cream. Violet is also a good one but not as known as a herb. Because of it’s syrup-like taste it goes well with puddings, jellies and tea cupcakes for example. With our hydroponic system you can get all of these herbs and more and make your desserts even tastier. You can also decorate your desserts with these herbs and make them look fabulous.

One of my favorites

Here is one of our favorite desserts that uses thyme. It is quite simple but still very tasty. 

Lemon thyme pound cake 


250 ml butter

375 ml flour      

A pinch of salt 

300 ml sugar 

10 ml vanilla extract

6 eggs 

1 lemon’s zest

12 twigs of thyme 


1. Set your oven to 175°C.

Then butter your cake mold and dust with flour then take a few small leaves of thyme and put them in the mold as well. Then whisk in a bowl 2 tablespoons of chopped thyme and the flour, salt and lemon zest.

2.You have to mix the butter in a bowl until it becomes creamy then you need to add sugar and mix until they are combined

3. Add vanilla extract and then add the eggs 1 at a time. Then slowly add in the flour mixture and mix.

4. Put the batter into the cups you had buttered earlier and put them in the oven for 40 min. Take the cakes out and let them cool for about 10 mins then add the to a plate and enjoy you home made cakes that taste great.





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