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Plaant Unit

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Ships out in October
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Lettuce, coriander, parsley and pak choi
Basil, coriander, mint and chili
Lavender, pansy, plumed cockscomb and busy lizzie
Empty plant pods for your own seeds
Mini tomatoes, chili and wild strawberries
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How big is Plaant

Plaant weighs approximately 5kg (11lbs).


There is a LED light system that are scenario controlled to optimize the growth of the selected plants in the unit.


Each Plaant is equipped with a webcam that allows users to monitor their garden. Eventually it will also send information to Plaant in order to diagnose issues and determine the health of plants.

Plant Pods

Our pods are made up of coconut fibers and peat, and Plaant allows gardeners to grow up to eight plants concurrently. Each customer receives a starter kit with pods.


Plaant has several sensors that allows its technology to optimize environmental conditions for the plants being grown.

Hydroponic system

With Plaant, a gardener only needs to use water and nutrients to grow their plants. No soil is needed.

Fully Automated Nutrition

Nutrition is automatically fed into the water tank based on Plaant settings.

What's comes with Plaant

A Plaant unit, adapter, a free starter pack, eight pod holders, nutrition and a user guide.

In the box

Plaant Unit
User Guide
8 Pod holders
Free starter pack with 4 plant pods

Answers to a few good questions.

What material is Plaant made of?

The glass portion is made of acrylic, also called plexiglass. The technical name is PMMA. The base is stainless steel.

What can I grow?

You can grow most herbs, greens and flowers. If you have a specific plant you want to grow please contact us.

Will other colors become available?

Yes, during our second release. If you have a color in mind please contact us.

What exactly are starter packs?

These free packs have plant pods that you could use when you receive your Plaant unit.

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