Plaant Technology
Plaant Technology

The Plaant is staking its name as the top smart indoor gardening unit in the world. From top to bottom, Plaant features great engineering that grows your plants without the hassle of other indoor gardening units. From the simple and quick onboarding to the precision accuracy of the temperature/humidity, Plaant has everything you'll need to get that green thumb showing!

Lighting System

Plaant features LEDs meant for indoor gardening, giving you the latest in lighting technology with low power consumption. 


Plaant features accurate and precise sensors for temperature, humidity, leakage detection, open doors, and water level so you can keep your garden at the ideal settings for growth.

Watering System

The Plaant water tank allows you to fill it and forget it! Plaant does the rest and greatly reduces overall water usage. Plaant alerts you when water levels are low and need a refill.


Monitor your Plaant life from start to finish with our integrated camera, all from the palm of your hand.

Plaant App 

Make sure to download the Plaant app to unlock the full potential of your indoor gardening unit. Notifications, setting controls, and community.

Plaant is what indoor farming is supposed to be!

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