How to weed your garden: organic weed removal techniques
How to weed your garden: organic weed removal techniques

Mediterranean gardens invoke the feeling of being on holiday and are ideally suited to warm south-facing gardens. This guide on Mediterranean gardens will show you my top hints and tips for creating a gorgeous garden space. So grab your suncream and lets go on a garden design holiday together!

Mediterranean gardens are the true sun worshippers of the garden design styles. Using plants that love full sun and earthy tones these spaces can become an oasis of calm in your back garden. Even if you aren’t blessed with the south-facing garden you can still steal some of the principles of the hot Mediterranean garden styles and apply them to any garden!

I’m going to share my top garden design tips for creating a Mediterranean garden space that you can leave your everyday worries behind in!


What is a Mediterranean garden?

A Mediterranean garden takes its inspiration and theme from those warmer European geographies around France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. These countries have a climate of hot dry summers and cool humid winters. They are also characterised by a hilly and sometimes arid landscape.

An easy way to think of this it to consider the summer holiday destination in Europe from UK sunseekers. Hot climates, dry breezes and plenty of scented, aromatic and foliage rich plants!


Features of a Mediterranean garden

 Mediterranean gardens are one of the garden styles that fit perfectly into either a formal or informal garden design style. Meaning that these gardens can either fit into a very symmetrical formal design style or a more relaxed laid back approach. They are one of the few design styles to work brilliantly in either formal or informal layouts.
These gardens may invoke the warm earthy tones of the Med with terracotta and gravels amidst silvery-green foliage of drought-tolerant plants. You’re wanting to replicate that warm relaxed atmosphere often found on the Med where things happen when they happen. An emphasis on community, family, relaxing and socializing are key to these successful gardens.

Formal Meditteranean gardens may feature ceramics, sculpture, topiary, or even Moorish symmetrical designs. They are really versatile, providing you get enough sun and have free-draining soil. However, with careful plant selection, even a garden that features some shade can be designed to replicate the feelings and structure of a Mediterranean hot garden!

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